Why You Should Choose Server Wala VPS India For Your Online Startup?

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If you’re getting high traffic on the website then you may upgrade your web hosting from Shared to VPS Hosting. Due to its better speed and performance, it is becoming popular among online business owners in India. 

However, VPS is a Virtual Private Server. Also, it is a type of web hosting that provides dedicated resources and an isolated environment at an affordable cost in India. Under VPS hosting in India, you will get complete freedom on your server. So, the users can install the applications and update the software without taking permission from the hosting provider. 

Moreover, you will also get better performance, a huge amount of storage, and bandwidth, better scalability, flexibility, and technical support with cheap VPS Hosting in India. 

Here, you will come to know why you should choose Server Wala VPS India hosting for your Online Startup.

Why you should choose Server Wala VPS India for your Online Startup?

You may consider Server Wala VPS Hosting in India because it provides various resources at an affordable price. These resources may help your site to perform better on the browser. Also, it will help you to achieve your goals in a better way. The benefits that you will get under the Server Wala VPS Hosting plan are the following-

Root Access

Server Wala VPS India offers complete root access to online businesses. Therefore, you can edit the files, and update and install the software, programms, and applications as per the website requirement. 

Also, you do not have to ask the VPS hosting provider while changing the settings on your server. You will have full authority to do the changes as your business needs. 


Under cheap VPS Hosting India, you will get 99.99% uptime. This will help your website to load faster on the browser. Also, it will help the visitors to make the best user experience on your website.


VPS India provides better flexibility to online business owners. Under this, your website will run faster. Also, you will get better control over your server than shared hosting.

Dedicated Resources

With Serverwala VPS Hosting India cheap, you will get dedicated resources. That includes better scalability, large storage and bandwidth, high network speed, advanced security with DDoS Protection, and more resources.

Also, Server Wala offers a data backup option at an additional cost and complete technical support via telephone, email, and ticket system.


Due to the increase of cyber criminals and spammers, website owners are looking for the best web hosting which can protect their data and information on the Internet. 

Therefore, Server Wala offers advanced security with DDoS Protection, antiviruses, and a firewall under VPS Server India. It will help to secure your website from cyber attacks, phishing, and other threats. 

While getting attacks from hackers on the website, your website performance will not be decreased under VPS in India. The website will perform better than it was earlier. Additionally, if you share your server with other users, your data will remain private.


VPS India provides high scalability to online startups as you can scale up your hosting plan anytime. Therefore, you can upgrade the storage, RAM (Random Access Memory), CPU (Central Processing Unit), and other resources as per the business needs. 

Large Storage 

With Indian VPS Hosting you will get a large amount of storage for your website. Therefore, you can increase or decrease the storage as per you want. This may help your website to load faster on the browser. 

High Network Speed

Serverwala VPS in India provides 100 Mb/s Network Speed to online businesses. It will help your website to load quickly with high traffic on the browser. Also, the visitors will get a better user experience on your website.

24/7 Technical Support

It is an excellent feature that Serverwala provides to Online Startups. With India VPS Hosting, you will get 24/7 technical support from the hosting provider. Also, if you have any kind of problem on the server then you can consult with the expert IT Team via phone call, live chat, email, and ticket system. They give their best to provide you with a better solution. 


Above you have come to know why you should choose Server Wala VPS India for your Online Startup. Therefore, Server Wala VPS Hosting provides better speed and performance with high security at an affordable cost. 

Also, you will get high scalability, better flexibility, large storage, etc. under VPS Hosting in India package. The best thing is that it also offers a data backup feature at an extra cost, which will keep your website secure from hackers, viruses, and other threats. 

Moreover, you will get complete customer support from the Server Wala expert IT Team. You can contact the team easily through phone calls, live chat, email, and the ticket system. 

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