What is an Automotive Embedded Systems Course Online?

Automotive embedded systems are utilised to operate or retrieve information from mechanical components. Microprocessors, digital signal processors, field programmable gate arrays, application-specific integrated circuits, etc., are all examples of single-chip solutions.

These setups incorporate a piece of software built for a particular purpose. They boost the vehicle’s efficiency, safety, and manoeuvrability. Automotive embedded systems software is developed using various programming languages, including C, Python, Embedded C++, Ada, Rust, B#, etc.

Traction control, parking assistance, telematics, anti-lock brakes, collision detection, etc., are typical examples of this technology. In the previous ten years, automotive embedded systems have been solely responsible for the dramatic decline in traffic fatalities and accidents.

What are the benefits of learning Automotive Embedded Systems?

Multiple advanced embedded systems would need to be installed in every car to satisfy regulatory requirements and customer expectations. We can expect further industry expansion at last year’s rate of 20%. Given that we are moving toward an era in which autonomous vehicles are commonplace, the automotive embedded system industry offers tremendous potential. Rising demand in the auto industry has led to a surge in the need for embedded engineers.

The embedded systems course online can set you on the path to a successful career in the automotive industry. The course will provide instruction in MCU peripheral programming, SPI/I2C/GPIO/USART driver development, Prototype APIs, capturing/decoding, and logic analyser analysis of serial protocols. The skills you need to succeed as an Automotive Embedded Systems Engineer, including the necessary programming language, will be taught to you.

Who can Enrol in this Course?

This Automotive Embedded Systems Course Online is open to students with a history in electronics, electrical, and embedded systems. This online certification course is ideal for any original automotive equipment manufacturer (OEM) engineer or engineering student interested in switching to the automotive embedded systems industry.

This course is ideal if you want to learn how to manage processes that evolve and run independently of the hardware being targeted

What will you learn?

This crash course on automobile-embedded software will teach you the fundamentals in a short amount of time. This online certification course will teach you how to use MATLAB to create a Model-Based Design from scratch (MATrix LABoratory)

Learners of this course will gain a deeper grasp of the following ideas:

  • An introduction to the various Automotive Systems domains
  • AUTOSAR software components and application layer
  • Modelling AUTOSAR SWCs in MATLAB
  • Software in loop testing and validation
  • Configuration settings parameters
  • Data dictionary creation
  • MATLAB automotive advisory board process overview
  • Simulation and code generation

Skills You Will Gain

The following abilities might be acquired after finishing this online automotive embedded course:

  • Having a firm grasp on the many operating sectors in an automotive system.
  • An enhanced familiarity with the MATLAB Simulink environment and its potential application in the development of software for automobiles.
  • Thorough familiarity with the regulations governing the security of motor vehicles in operation.
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