Vastu Essentials that you should know of in 2022

Vastu expert

A Vastu expert or consultant analyses the structure of your home, factory, office, or any living space. They are qualified to conduct a direction-specific study concerning the foundation of houses, plots, buildings, or other constructions.

On learning about Vastu, the one question that surely crosses our minds is, “Is Vastu and Astrology the same thing?”

The connection between Vastu & Astrology

Though Vastu and Astrology are not directly connected (you obviously cannot visit astrologers expecting to get Vastu advice) both have a significant relationship wherein one compliments the other.

Online Vastu Consultancy

No matter how unrealistic it may sound, Vastu consultant online is becoming a popular search trend as people nowadays want to skip the hassle of on-site visits and go for an online consultation instead. In today’s age where everything, from “jobs” to “shopping” has turned “remote” and “online”, people are looking for online Vastu solutions.

The modern-day hi-tech communications make Vastu consultancy online easier with the help of Google Maps, Email, and other online tools!

With these powerful techniques and online tools available, Vastu experts establish a stable relationship for the accurate geographic location of the Vastu in addition to its direction orientation and scaled layout. Satellite imagery and scaled floor plan are crucial for grid direction and other details.

The potential of Vastu consultants online in today’s fast-paced and technology-dependent life is enormous. If you choose carefully and pick the right Vastu expert, rest assured, you can surely expect significant results.

Vastu Tips for Home

Vastu Shastra provides a detailed guideline for bringing positivity to the home environment, thus increasing income potential to the maximum; also ensuring good health for all the members living there.

The various benefits of Vastu Shastra are –

  1. Improving Human Relationships
  2. Academic Growth
  3. Career Stability
  4. Maintaining good Physical & Mental Health


Vastu Tips for your Home

Here are a few Vastu Tips for Home from Vastu Experts that you can follow for significant changes in your life and career.

  1. Direction of House

According to Vastu Shashtra, the entrance of a home is intended  not only for humans but also for the entry and entry of energy. The ideal directions for your home’s primary entrance can be north, east or northeast directions.

  1. Directions of Rooms

Every room should be built in a certain direction according to the Vastu for the house. Let us talk about each of these rooms in detail, one by one!

  • Master Bedroom
    The Master Bedroom of your home should be built in the southwest direction. The fire element governs in the southeast direction, so the bedroom should never face that direction.
  • Children’s Room
    According to Vastu Shashtra, the children’s room should be located in the southwest direction. For peace of mind, ensure that children sleep with their heads facing south or east.
  • Kitchen
    NEVER build your kitchen in the north direction. The kitchen should ideally be placed in the southeast direction of the house.
  • Toilet
    The toilet/bathroom of the house should be either in the west or northwest direction. Toilets should never be built in other directions as no corrective measures can negate the effects of this ‘dosha’ (according to Vastu Shastra).
  1. Shapes and Forms of Rooms

Vastu experts guide on several tips for the shape of your rooms. Although circular rooms look stylish and trendy, they’re not at all good for the Vastu for your home. So, make sure your rooms are square or rectangular in shape and follow straight lines.

  1. Overhead Water Tank

Ideally, the overhead tank should be placed in the west or southwest direction. If you place it in the southwest direction, ensure it’s placed two feet above the top slab.

  1. Ventilation

Proper ventilation and bright sunlight are essential for the Vastu of your home and the health aspect of your life. Sunlight and fresh air bring positive energy into your house and make your living-area environment fresh and hygienic, keeping all diseases away. Proper ventilation facilitates the inflow of money.

  1. Septic Tank

Vastu experts believe that septic tanks harbour negativity. If placed incorrectly, a septic tank can adversely affect the family members. Therefore, septic tanks should ONLY be placed in the northwest direction. It should not touch the compound wall at any cost.


Apart from these, you can add a few more things to your house to maintain positivity and good energy. Keeping indoor plants improves your home’s Vastu. Colours are also beneficial in this regard as certain colours (bright colours such as yellows & oranges) spread positive vibrations and absorb negativities.

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