Top New and Stylish Hand Bags

Top New and Stylish Hand Bags

How to choose a handbag?

Boys choose handbags

For most boys, when choosing a handbag, they will not pay special attention to the style of the bag, but will pay attention to the quality of the handbag. You can also view at pretty little thing discount code nhs.

leather material

Handbags made of this material are the choice of most men, especially for some business elites, who usually carry leather bags when they go out. When choosing a leather bag, it is best to choose a cowhide leather bag, which is durable and beautiful.

Canvas material

A long time ago, most people thought that canvas was synonymous with old fashioned. In fact, the name of the canvas bag has been washed away, and the canvas bag is very durable. If you need to travel frequently, you can choose a bag made of canvas.

Nylon material

The nylon bag is of very good quality, very durable, and has a certain waterproof and moisture-proof ability. If you often need to go to the wild, then you can choose a nylon handbag when choosing a handbag.

Girls choose handbags

Choose according to the occasion

Most girls choose handbags mainly based on the style. The most important point is to choose handbags according to the occasion. Usually when you go out to play, you can choose a good-looking handbag, but when you go out to play, you should choose a good quality handbag. Handbag. You can also visit at boden discount code nhs

Choose according to height and figure

The handbag is different from other bags, because we need to carry the bag by hand. If you are taller, you can choose a larger one when choosing a mobile phone bag.But if the height is relatively short, then when choosing a handbag, you should choose a smaller handbag.


  1. Look at the appearance of the handbag. The first thing to look for when choosing a handbag is not only whether the style meets your aesthetics, but also whether the overall shape of the handbag has a three-dimensional sense, as shown in the picture below, it must have an aura. If it is crooked, it will give people the feeling that they are not confident.
    2. Look at the craftsmanship of the handbag. The exquisite workmanship of the handbag can directly reflect the quality of the handbag. Generally good quality handbags must be very exquisite workmanship, the needles and threads are very neat and even, and there will be absolutely no extra lines or messy lines. For handbags with poor quality, their workmanship is more casual, the sewing firmness is insufficient, and the thread is easy to collapse.
    3. Look at the quality of the zipper of the handbag. The zipper of the handbag is also an important point. The most frequently used zipper for a handbag is the zipper. If it is pulled up and down, the quality is not good. How can you pull it? A good zipper should be metal first, like some plastic zippers, which may be broken after being pulled a few times. Secondly, it must be smooth, if it is not smooth, it is easy to break.

What brand of handbag is good?

A beautiful bag is like Cinderella’s crystal slipper. With it, you will become the prince’s sweetheart. Since the relationship between women and bags is destined to be inseparable, before you greedily search for the next bag for yourself, it is better to study some tips on how to buy handbags! You can also check the offers and deals at new look discount code nhs.


handbag and height
Wide and large handbags are in vogue, but how to choose also depends on the height so as not to look cumbersome. If your height is over 165 cm, you should try to choose a handbag with a total length of about 60 cm, which can fit into a magazine vertically; if your height is less than 158 cm, you should choose a handbag with a total length of about 50 cm, which can fit in a magazine horizontally. handbag, elongated body proportions.

Handbags and Manners
When using a small shoulder strap bag, you can slightly fix the handbag under the armpit to avoid the bag body from swinging back and forth; the handbag should be held on the arm, and the elbow should naturally lean against the waistline at 90 degrees; the strapless handbag should be covered with one hand. Hold it on the chest, or naturally hold it close to the thigh along the length of the arm, sisters should not put the strapless handbag under the armpit!

Handbags and Colors
Color plays a pivotal role in the matching of handbags, accessories and clothing. The overall color is the same color but with distinct layers, which can create a generous and elegant shape. The handbag is in strong contrast with the color of the dress, such as a black dress with a bright red bag and shoes, which is a bright personality match; the handbag can also be in any color chosen in the pattern of a floral skirt or a printed top. The overall feel is lively yet elegant.

Handbags & Leather
Common natural leather will have fine lines under the pressure of the thumb. The better the grade, the better the elasticity and fullness of the leather. The common goat skin pattern is wavy, thick and fine; the yellow cowhide has dense texture, and the pores are arranged in irregular dots; the pigskin has a rough surface, and the pattern is usually distributed in groups of three pores, which can be hard or soft.

Handbags and Handmade
No matter how much time you spend shopping for a handbag, you want one that is well-crafted. After choosing a style, be sure to carefully check whether the surface of the handbag and the interlayer are unstitched before paying, and whether the connection of the strap is firm; Whether the function is perfect or not are steps that cannot be ignored.

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