Rockspace Router is Not Giving Good Signal? Tips to Improve

Rockspace Router setup

It feels like everything is running within the boundaries of the internet. However, the internet is not life but a part of life. As everything runs with the help of the internet, it is important that it is always working. But sometimes it runs even slower than a turtle which might irritate us. No issues if you are facing the problem. As by reading this article most of your problems will be resolved easily, and you will feel that yes you are on the right track. re.rockspace.local

Viruses and Malware 

Malware and viruses are the one that may result in your internet speed falling down. These programs will lurk up the performance by running secretly in the background. These spywares enter your computer without your awareness and this makes the internet slow and hogs the bandwidth. Do not open the unknown source, as links or attachments of the unknown sources run these disturbing softwires and make the internet slow.

Devices on a network

Networks may face congestion from computers and smartphones to baby monitors and security cameras. All the devices are taking huge amounts of bandwidth. Every device decreases the bandwidth portion on your network, mainly on the WiFi. Let’s assume you are on a road with a heavy amount of traffic. The traffic will travel slower than usual. The same case is with your internet connection. Network congestion is most often caused when everyone at home accesses the internet at the same time. Old modem and router are the ones which make it reduce internet speed furthermore.

Keep on reading the article for more solutions.

Multiple Open Tabs

Multiple tabs if they are open at the back end of a web browser in a single window, can slow down the internet automatically. If large windows and huge and lengthy pages will be open at the end of the windows.

The best way to get off the slow internet speed connection is by closing multiple open tabs. unnecessary applications that are using your bandwidth will take a break. only those tabs should be open that are important at the same time.

Crowded Channels

If the channels are facing a lot of traffic then the internet will surely slow down. This will surely impact the average time to load every page. To fix the channels with a lot of channels follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Firstly open a browser, therefore enter the IP address of router in the address bar, and press ‘Enter’
  • Or , you can use re.rockspace.local.
  • After that type your username and password
  • Now, Click the wireless settings of your device
  • Move to the drop-down menu channel
  • Finally move to a different WIFI channel
  • Hence, select the Save/Apply to save changes.

Instead of connection a device could also be a cause of the internet issue.  Devices like laptops and gaming apps which process slow, consequently are a big reason for interruptions in signals or slow wifi networks.

Clean the unnecessary files, to speed up issues of the internet with the help of desktops or laptops, power cycle the device. It will help in refreshing the internet connection, and clean the unnecessary files like the junks.

There could be several drawbacks of unstable internet connection. It affects the productivity which could hamper the timely deliveries. Which leads to frustration and creates chaos.


Restart the Router

Many situations are hard to see but simple to solve. So is the case with a simple restart. The device restart will simultaneously solve the issue. You simply have to switch off the router, and restart after 1-2 mins. Once you’re done restarting it, check while the problem still persists. But if the lights on the device are back then you are good to go with the internet speed.


We hope all the factors affecting your slow internet will definitely get resolved. Lastly, use re.rockspace.local to change your WiFi password from time to time. It will protect your network from hackers .

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