Options Of Unplanned Pregnancy: Abortion Or Adoption

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Pregnancy is happy and exciting news for women. But not always! The reason may be an unwanted pregnancy. At that moment, it was more of a shock than a pleasant surprise. Whether you are married or single, an unplanned pregnancy can put anyone in a difficult situation. So read on to find out how to manage and cope with an unplanned pregnancy.

Check the most important things first. Just because you don’t get your period doesn’t mean you’re pregnant.

How to Confirm Pregnancy

A urine test can be done at the doctor’s office or at home. Home pregnancy urine tests are convenient and 97% accurate. Some highly sensitive pregnancy tests can detect pregnancy on the first day of a missed period, but for the most accurate results wait at least a week after a missed period. It is recommended to test first thing in the morning and test when there is a lot of urine. concentrated. It is very important to follow the test kit instructions. Kits may contain test strips or dipsticks. The test strip should be inserted into the urethra and the dipstick dipped into the urine sample. If you are pregnant, the end of the test strip or test strip will change color. Did you know that frequent urination is an early pregnancy symptom?

Do not be panic

Although it is easier to say than do, stay calm and think rationally. Parental supervision is required if you are minor or financially dependent. Find someone you trust for support and help. Discuss your options with your partner. Married women who already have children need to make sure they are ready to welcome their next child. At the last, you have full control over your life and can manage your choices.

Questions to ask yourself

Regardless of whether you are married or not, you should ask yourself the following questions.

Ask yourself if you are ready to be a mom.

Are you financially stable enough?

You are mentally and physically prepared for it?

Do you have family support?

Is your partner (husband) ready for this step?

When you answer these questions, you should think about your next steps. So be smart.

Thinking about having an abortion

By law, abortions must be performed in licensed clinics or hospitals, under specified conditions, and by qualified doctors. An abortion can only be performed with the consent of the woman. However, minors need parental permission. Abortions are possible up to the first 20 weeks of pregnancy.

It can be a stressful experience for any woman, both physically and emotionally, so think carefully before proceeding. Make sure you’ve considered all other options, including discussing them with your partner and parents, before permanently terminating your pregnancy.

You can go for an adoption

If it is too late or the abortion is unsafe, the child can be put up for adoption and the single woman can do so. You can give your child to an approved adoption agency. But it’s better to give the baby to a couple you know. Then you have a little peace of mind for the future of your child.

Depression caused by abandoning the child can be unbearable for the mother. Think of yourself as a substitute for other family members. They are a means of life and happiness for another person. Then you too will be freed from the emotional bonds of postpartum parenting.

Raising your child

There is nothing more beautiful in this world than seeing your baby smile for the first time. Creating life in this world is one of the greatest sensations you can experience. Before you get emotional, you should think about yourself and your child’s future.

If you are married, discuss your child’s future with your partner and plan carefully. If you’re single, you need to make sure you’re financially and emotionally strong so you can handle these responsibilities without seeing them as a burden.

Children should only grow up in a loving and caring environment that truly appreciates this gift of life. Think of positive things like special moments with your child and how blessed that child is. You have to be really honest with your thoughts.

Pregnancy doesn’t just change your life. Children change the lives of those around them. So treat your unplanned pregnancy carefully and with care.

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